About Brent

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a wild imagination, and the ability to paint my dreams. My very first painting was created in 1983 at the age of 3—A tempura painting with primary colours on craft paper. To this day, I’ve loved finger-painting more than using a brush and can still remember how the paint felt squishing through my little fingers as a child.
The sense of touch is an important aspect in my creative process. Getting messy and not being afraid to try new things—That’s how I roll. The connection I have with my art is strong and passionate.
It’s easy to say I fell in love with making art the very first time I touched paint.

My First Painting 1982 (Left) and My Hand Photocopied at Age 4 1983 (Right)

The Silo Art Studio

In 2004 Fraser’s painting career flourished inside the aluminum walls of a self-renovated grain silo on a remote farm in Fort Langley, Canada.

Silo Art Studio 2015

Art is in Fraser’s genes, with an artistic family lineage that stems back to his ancestor Thomas Gainsborough—the most versatile English portrait and landscape painter of the 18th century.

Fraser paints large scale landscapes, abstracts, and mixed media originals, but it’s his unorthodox method of penis painting that would make “The Blue Boy” blush.